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Open letter to Fuji…i.e. RAW Suppor

  Dear Fuji, You have released across the world a new camera the Fuji X-Pro 1.  Your first with interchangeable lenses in recent history. You have produced three great lenses the 18, 35, and 60 macro. The camera has wonderful high ISO performance. And the image files coming out of the camera look wonderful! So […]

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Fuji X-Pro 1 Site Page

  Fuji has opened a flash intensive, but instructive website on the Fuji X-Pro 1.  There is quite a bit of information to be found on this site, including information on the Hybrid Viewfinder and the revolutionary sensor.  There also is a sample gallery as well as a worldwide gallery.  Another section is devoted to […]

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Ricoh GXR Firmware Updated to 1.5

Ricoh updated their firmware for their GXR Module and camera units to version 1.5 on March 15.  I had a few moments this weekend to update my A12 M-Mount module to no ill effects.  I don’t own any of the other modules.  There were a couple of new additions that I will find useful. RAW […]

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