Open letter to Fuji…i.e. RAW Suppor


Dear Fuji,

You have released across the world a new camera the Fuji X-Pro 1.  Your first with interchangeable lenses in recent history. You have produced three great lenses the 18, 35, and 60 macro. The camera has wonderful high ISO performance. And the image files coming out of the camera look wonderful! So what is this camera lacking? Simple, a RAW converter. Sure you include Silkypix which is at best a passable converter, but you need at least one of the mainstream RAW converters to help your cause in moving this camera even farther forward. I can understand some stubbornness. You may want us to have to at least try Silkypix. That time has passed though and it’s time to move on. Most of us are not going to make wholesale changes to our workflow. Now it’s time to just let us use as customers what software we want to use. That is not however Silkypix. That is Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom, my choice Apple Aperture. Other good choices would be Phase One’s Capture One and Bibble (errrr AfterShot Pro). Whatever issue that is limiting all the mainstream RAW converters from offering to convert your RAW files needs resolving and soon. This limitation needs resolving because customers whom aren’t early adopters like myself will probably not want to buy a product that doesn’t allow them use of the software tools that they know and love. I’m certain you have contacts at Adobe, Apple, Phase One and Corel. Work with them and resolve the problems. Not resolving them will hurt your sales in the long run. As you might recall Nikon back down from their White Balance goofiness from awhile back. If easier if you could just move away from the RAF format and start using DNG that would solve the problem today. As much as I hesitate to look like an endorser for anything Adobe. I have to admit a standard format does give us as customers access to using RAW from EVERY camera at release. So Fuji, please make this problem go away.

Please sign the letter at the bottom of the page if you want RAW support for the Fuji X-Pro 1 in your favorite software below.

Jeremy Anderson - 100% agree with this. I use Capture One Pro and have opened support tickets for getting Fuji XPro-1 RAW support. Their final answer? “There is no ETA rigt now as to when or if this will be supported. The changes that need to be made to support the sensor in the Fuji are quite extreme and fuji is unfortunately less than forthcoming.” So, c’mon Fujifilm Cameras!

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